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REDS Salts (7DAZE)

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SIZE: 30mL


Original Apple: With every inhale you’ll taste the delicious flavor of your favorite apple juice box you grew up drinking. (Comes in an ICED version!)

Berries: The flavor of a fresh, crisp sweet apple juice infused with mixed berries and tangy pomegranate now available in a a nicotine salt made especially for pod vaping. (Comes in an ICED version!)

Fruit Mix: A nicotine salt infusion featuring apples, oranges, pineapples and passionfruit for a sweet fruity symphony of flavor. (Comes in an ICED version!)

Grape: A blended concoction, borrowing the essence of sweet crisp apples and bursting grapes, mixed with strong nicotine salts to create a vape that will keep the tastebuds begging for more. (Comes in an ICED version!)

Guava: This delectable vape juice blend is a burst of silky sweet delicious guava’s bursting with juiciness paired with your favorite apple ejuice. (Comes in an ICED version!)

Mango: Extracting the juicy nectar from exotic tropical mangoes for a powerful vape that will awaken the senses. (Comes in an ICED version!)

Peach: A delicious red apple rendition of your favorite apple juice blended to perfection with a mouthwatering touch of ripe and juicy peaches. (Comes in an ICED version!)

Strawberry: Capturing the sweet uplifting fragrance of summertime strawberries enhanced with fresh apple juice. (Comes in an ICED version!)

Watermelon: This delectable vape juice blend is literally fresh watermelon bursting with juiciness and succulent apples that taste like they were plucked right from an orchard. (Comes in an ICED version!)