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REDS Apple E-Juice

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SIZE: 60mL


Berries: Clean, refreshing, and genuinely natural-tasting, this delicious flavor is then complemented with the perfect amount of mountain-fresh blueberries, tangy raspberries, and juicy pomegranates. (Comes in an ICED version!)

Fruit Mix: This delectable vape juice blend takes tangy oranges, zesty passion fruit and tropical pineapples blended to perfection with the mouthwatering signature reds apple flavor that we all know and love. (Comes in an ICED version!)

Grape: Refreshing apple and grape fruit juice fusion made from freshly-squeezed crisp red apples and plump sweet purple grapes. (Comes in an ICED version!)

Guava: Combines their iconic drink infused with red apples and mixes in some freshly picked, sweet and tantalizing guavas. (Comes in an ICED version!)

Mango: A blend of juicy exotic mangoes reduced down to a tasty vapable elixir that will send the taste buds into a joyous tropical frenzy. (Comes in an ICED version!)

Original Apple: The refreshing taste of a sweet and crispy red apple plucked right off the branch. This juice tastes exactly like that little box of apple juice that came with a tiny red straw. In fact, each hit is crisp, cool and unbelievably refreshing. (Comes in an ICED version!)

Peach: This delectable vape juice blend is literally freshly picked sweet mouth watering peaches bursting with sweetness and succulent apples that taste like they were plucked right from an orchard. (Comes in an ICED version!)

Strawberry: Takes fresh apple berries, ripe strawberry and blended them together to make this ALL DAY VAPE god like mix of tropical fruit juice that is sure to please. (Comes in an ICED version!)

Watermelon: Refreshing watermelon apple fruit juice blend made with juicy and sweet watermelon slices blended with red crisp apples. (Comes in an ICED version!)