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GLAS E-Liquids

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SIZE: 60mL


Banana Cream Pie: A spot on and authentic custard-filled banana cream pie flavor. Flaky pie crust is baked to a golden brown perfection, then filled with thick and creamy vanilla custard. This mouthwatering dessert is then topped with a generous portion of caramelized bananas for a flawless finish unlike anything you have ever tried.

Blue Razz: Like the first lick of a bomb pop on the fourth of July. Blue Razz is a refreshingly sweet and tart candy experience just in time for summer. Fire up your BBQs, bust out your sparklers, and relax with some Blue Razz.

Blueberry Cake: An award winning flavor, this layered vanilla cake is liberally filled with juicy blueberries squeezed into a vape juice bottle. Beginning with a freshly-baked, homemade vanilla cake. Filled with fresh blueberries, then layered with a generous portion of sweet buttercream, giving it a velvety texture that will light up your taste buds. Lastly it’s finished with a hint of sweet blueberry glaze for the perfect finish that you would expect from an award-winning recipe.

Butterscotch Reserve: A classic take on the RY4 formula enhanced with creamy butterscotch, sweet melted caramel and rounded out with vanilla. A classic sweet tobacco base with caramel and vanilla notes, that you’ll fall in love with. This bold tobacco has been expertly crafted with the creaminess of butterscotch and a touch of delightful caramel for a perfectly balanced vaping experience.

Caribbean Punch: A blissful blend of tropical fruits. Juicy peaches are carefully blended with sweet pineapples and succulent strawberries, together delivering a burst of tropical fruity goodness. Caribbean Punch by Glas Basix E-Liquid is the ultimate tropical punch flavor making you feel like you’re relaxing on a tropical island somewhere. A unique combination of the most desired fruits all jam packed into one bottle of flavor goodness!

Fizzy Lemonade: A sweet, icy-cold and menthol sparkling lemonade that will quench your thirst unlike any other vape juice out there. This tongue tingling lemonade flavor has been poured over lemon-lime shaved ice, touched with a hint of pineapple slushie and finished with a carbonated twist.

Pound Cake: An award winning classic from the Badge Collection, to the BSX Series. Pound Cake is a timeless decadence of warm, sweet cake blends with bright notes of fresh lemon zest and fragrant Madagascar vanilla.  This uncanny blend will not disappoint and leave you craving more.

Strawberry Blast: Known as “Strawberry Gummy”. An out of this world sweet gummy bear and strawberry sour belt flavor, with a sweet and sour twist. The immaculate balance between the sweet and sour flavors provides for a multi-layered profile that is absolutely mouthwatering.

Sugar Cookie: Fresh from the oven! You'll taste warm buttery cookie dough, glazed with golden brown sugar caramel and finished with a cinnamon and nutmeg twist. Don't forget a glass of milk to wash it down!