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Grape Apple: Tart green apple blended with sweet grape candy. An explosion of sweet and sour candy flavor in every puff. 

Grape Strawberry: An airy blend of juicy grapes and succulent strawberry in this heavenly mashup of mouthwatering fruit flavors. Often described as a fan-favorite that fails to disappoint.

Kiwi Melon: Takes fresh kiwi, ripe melon and blended them together to make this god-like mix of tropical fruit juice that is sure to please.

Peach Blue Raspberry: Treat yourself out to a concoction of juicy peach and blue raspberry Nerds candy that blends together into the perfect all day vape flavor.

Watermelon Apple: A delicious blend of smooth sour green apple flavored Nerds candy mixed with juicy, refreshing watermelon flavored Nerds candy for a truly sweet fruity candy flavored experience.

Watermelon Berry: A sweet, refreshing watermelon, which is then carefully combined with ripe berry and mountain-fresh strawberries. Flawlessly-sweet, incredibly tasty, and unequivocally flavorful.