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BLVK Salts

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 SIZE: 30mL


Cuban Cigar: Choice tobacco is grown in the Pinar del Río Province of Cuba before being carefully cultivated. Hand-rolled, this masterfully-concocted e-liquid is then enhanced with subtle hints of warm vanilla to balance the richness of the tobacco.

Cucumber: Infused inside this bottle is a medley of cucumber slices followed by an icy menthol blast for a cooling experience like no other.

Honeydew: Juicy honeydew melon chunks combined with a plethora of mixed berries for a flavor explosion.

Iced Berry Banana: Tantalize your senses with a menthol and strawberry banana flavor that'll have you coming back for more. Enjoy a refreshing smoothie blended with frozen bananas mixed with the notes of juicy ripe strawberries.

Iced Berry Kiwi: The perfect balance of sweet strawberries and tart kiwi slices ice cooled to perfection.

Iced Berry Lemonade: Featuring notes of tangy frozen lemonade with strawberry puree in a summer time classic concoction.

Iced Berry Peach: Blend together juicy peaches and strawberries along with icy menthol for a refreshing experience like no other.

Lychee: Sweet, juicy lychee is carefully blended with just the right amount of cool menthol for an appetizing and invigorating vape that you are sure to love.

Pineapple: Capturing heaven sent notes of tangy pineapple enhanced with a splash of menthol for a deliciously fruity iced concoction that will dazzle the taste buds.

Red Orange: Inside you'll find a tangy and citrus Red Orange enhanced with a menthol blast that'll have you coming back for more.

Sour Apple: Capturing the mouth-puckering flavor of green apples augmented with a deluge of menthol for a sensational vape.

Spearmint: The joys and satisfying sensation of simple spearmint is one not to be reckoned with. This blend of delicious spearmint and icy menthol is a must try for the minty cool lovers.

Watermelon: The refreshing, juicy watermelon slices you love, iced to perfection.